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Success Case

Domestic Tianzheng Group

In accordance with the requirements of the Tian Zheng group, our company carries out 2 weeks of product design and verification. Through the three inspection and sampling of Tian Zheng group, we have finally become their green supplier. Long term stable and reliable products are our company's survival standards

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Overseas Korean EN company


South Korea EN company find our company through the network. First of all, we communicated according to their technical needs, tailored a specially suitable vacuum interrupter for them.  We sent the vacuum interrupter to Xi’an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute for various types of testing, after the  verification,  the Korean EN company sent its technology and procurement staff to our company for fieldwork, and acknowledged our company's production and development capability. Finally the EN company formally placed the order in October 2016. Our company delivered the goods in 35 days. At present, EN company in Korea still keeps close ties with our company.