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Vacuum interrupter for 40.5kV TD-40.5/2500-31.5(160)

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Vacuum interrupter, also known as the vacuum switch tube, is the core component of the medium-high voltage power switch. It is mainly applied to the power transmission and distribution control system, and it is also applied to the distribution systems of metallurgy, mine, petroleum, chemical, railway, broadcasting, communication and industrial high frequency heating. Vacuum interrupter has the characteristics of energy saving, material saving, fire prevention, explosion-proof, small volume, long life, low maintenance cost, reliable operation and no pollution. The vacuum interrupter is divided into the use of the interrupter and the load switch. The interrupter of the circuit breaker is mainly used in the substation and the power grid facilities in the electric power department.

Vacuum interrupter is an electric vacuum device that uses high vacuum working insulating arc extinguishing medium and realizes the on-off function of power circuit by a pair of contacts sealed in vacuum. When it disconnects a certain amount of current, at the moment of separation of the dynamic and static contacts, the current shrinks to the point where the contacts just separate, resulting in a sharp increase in resistance between electrodes and a rapid increase in temperature, until the evaporation of electrode metal occurs, and at the same time, a very high electric field intensity is formed, resulting in extremely strong emission and gap breakdown, resulting in vacuum arc. When the power frequency voltage is close to zero, and at the same time, due to the increase of contact opening distance, The plasma of the vacuum arc quickly diffuses around.



Q:What's your main products?
A: Vacuum Interrupters,Vacuum Switchgear,High voltage electrical apparatus, including Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Load Switch,etc. Low voltage electrical Apparatus,etc.

Q:Do you have a catalogue? Could you send me your catalogue?
A:Yes, we have catalogues.Please contact us, we can send you product catalogue online with PDF files.

Q:Can I get some samples?
A:Yes, sample order is available for quality check and market test.

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