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The High Voltage Branch Of CEEIA

In May 2021, the High Voltage Branch of CEEIA was grandly held in Yichun, Jiangxi Province, once a year. As a member of this High Voltage Branch exhibition, our company displayed some new products developed in recent years, including:

1. Vacuum interrupter for low voltage, high current and high segmentation vacuum circuit breaker. Model: TD-1. 14/6300-120KA full range products. This product is widely used in petrochemical, steel, coal and other industries, and has been recognized by Jilin Yongda Electric Group Co., Ltd., the leading brand of permanent magnet vacuum circuit breaker in China for many years. International customers ordered and recognized it last year.

2. Vacuum interrupter for DC bypass switch, developed in cooperation with Xuji Intelligent Medium Voltage Switch Company, is applied to DC transmission/distribution.

3. Vacuum interrupter for 15.5 kV generator export protection circuit breaker, developed for American customers, model: TD-15. 5KV/3150A-50KA.

4. Developed a vacuum interrupter for Korean customers with a voltage level of 25.8 kV inflatable cabinet circuit breaker.

5. Developed vacuum interrupters with a voltage level of 12 kV for Russian customers.

6. The vacuum interrupter has been developed for a fixed circuit breaker with a voltage level of 40.5 kV, a current level of 630A-2500A and a breaking current of 31.5 KA, which is widely used in national transmission/distribution.

At the same time, through on-site communication, potential customer information was collected to further understand the latest market situation of the electricity market, so it has won the attention and praise of customers. For this exhibition, our company was to broaden horizons, and learn from advanced companies for cooperation. By making full use of this exhibition opportunity, visiting customers and distributors are communicated, so the brand, popularity and influence of the company are further enhanced. At the same time, the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry are further understood, so as to better improve our products and give full play to our advantages.


Post time: Jul-21-2021