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A New Line of Vacuum Interrupter was Published by SHONE Vacuum

As we all know, the vacuum interrupter has the functions of safety and explosion-proof, because the contacts are enclosed in the high vacuum environment inside the closed casing, and the arc between the contacts during operation will not affect the external environment. So as the key electrical apparatus of circuit breaker, load switch, contacts and other electrical devices, vacuum interrupters are widely used in industrial scenarios.


A few days ago, SHONE Vacuum published a new line of vacuum interrupter TD-1.14 series. The rated voltages of these vacuum interrupters are less than 1140 volts, and can be used in low-voltage and large-current electrical scenarios. Particularly worth mentioning is that TD-1.14 adopts special material for contacts and transverse magnetic field electrode structure, so that the rated current reached 1600A ~ 6300A,and range of short-circuit breaking capacity covers 65kA ~ 120kA. At the same time, TD-1.14 adopts special shielding cover and elongated ceramic insulating shell to ensure that the insulation capacity of the vacuum interrupter will not decrease even after 30 times of short-circuit breaking, and adopts high-performance Ω-shaped bellows made of special materials, enables the mechanical endurance of the interrupter to reach 30,000 times, which is suitable for frequent operations.


It is known that this new line is the first vacuum interrupter which is suitable for low-voltage and large-current scenarios in Chinese domestic market. Once it was published, it attracted the attention of Ejoylit Electric LLC from the United States. The purchase manager James told that a trial order has been arranged.

Post time: Aug-16-2022